Fiscal Cleanse

OK.  All this talk lately about the “Fiscal Cliff” we are headed off of, has got me thinking.

Maybe I jumped on the consumerism bandwagon a little too hard, and it’s time for a fiscal cleanse.  Time to recover from the inevitable financial, and “stuff” hang-over left from a big and beautiful family Christmas.  Time to clean out the freezer, the pantry, get creative, make-it-work, realize how very lucky and blessed we are, if we don’t have it- we really don’t need it, live a little simpler.

I’ve talked my husband into it, and my children reluctantly understand.  Here are the rules we established:

  • The Fiscal Holiday will begin on January 2nd, lasting for 6 weeks
  • No spending ANY money during this period except for on the following items:

Milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruits, vegetables.  Maybe some meat if we run out

  • Any other exceptions are discouraged, require approval from each other, and will be tracked on a list

Contrary to the spirit of the cleanse, my husband did make a Trader Joe’s run to ensure he has some Cookie Butter in the pantry, and my youngest son requested I buy a bag of shrimp to put in the freezer so he could have some Shrimp Havarti.  I’ll need some Diet Coke.

Aside from these essentials, we already have been given everything we need and more.   A beautiful, healthy family full of tremendous love.  Wonderful jobs to provide, with the opportunity to make a difference.  A warm, safe home.   The rest is inconsequential.

Anyone care to join us on our fiscal holiday?

Happy New Year!

My oldest son Nick, hiding behind some pressies

My oldest son Nick, hiding behind some pressies

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