Fiscal Cleanse – Week 1 Update


“Do lightbulbs count?” my husband Kevin asked, as he pointed to the dark pendant light hanging above his head.

“Yes”, I replied.

“Really?  Cause this is where I sit to pay the bills”, he went on, “It’s not really the intent of this thing is it?  This wouldn’t really be a superfluous purchase.  Six weeks is a long time to go without replacing this lightbulb.”

I gave it some thought, and supposed he was right and told him so.  He then offered, “Well, I didn’t look downstairs yet to see if we have any.”    I headed downstairs and found three of these specialties in the box chock full of about every type of lightbulb you can imagine.   This is why we’re doing this.

After Christmas I felt the need to try to simplify our lives, eliminate some of the too much and hopefully foster a deeper sense of appreciation for our blessings.  Beginning on January 2nd, my family joined me in my pledge to go on a “fiscal cleanse”, freezing our spending with the exception of dairy, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat if we run out later, and of course bills.  All other food needs to come from the pantry and the freezers.  Realistically, we recognized there would be a need for exceptions, and agreed that they would be discouraged, and that we would document them after we have gained approval from each other.

The first week has gone very well.  In the world of excess it feels like we have made nary a dent in our surplus.   Near the end of the week Kevin remarked that there should be plenty in the freezer for another five weeks.

Our weekend grocery shopping trip for fresh essentials for our family of four: $40.32.

Exceptions made this week:

-$3.36 for a Hunger Games Calendar I found for my daughter on clearance at Target.   Totally unnecessary BUT I knew it would delight her, and I couldn’t pass up the price!

-$12.37 for some caramel and cheddar “Nuts On Clark” popcorn my husband brought home for us.  It’s been a few years since either of us has been through the Midway airport, so was a rare treat.

-$3 for a box of crackers.

Not bad huh?

We’ve had some great and different meals.  It’s taken some creativity, and has been fun- we’ve taken it as a challenge.  Kevin found a recipe for some yummy Tuna cakes one night because we definitely have plenty of tins of tuna.  Another night we repurposed some left-over mashed potatoes – inventing these amazing croquettes that had a little surprise center of mozzarella.    I only had a second to snap this picture of the last two.  As soon as the shutter clicked, I looked up from the camera and one lonely croquette remained.


The kids don’t love all of what we are presenting them with though (like the tuna), and we aren’t giving them alternatives – they’re hungry and are finally learning to eat what’s in front of them.  The turkey noodle soup made from the left-over carcass in the freezer was wonderful on the first night.   It served us two subsequent lunches.  We’re ready to move on, so a whole batch of this goodness went back in the freezer for another time.

Not wanting to make it sound too easy, it’s important to note that our grit has also been tested.  We both work full time, and have two active kids with extracurricular activities at least three nights of the week (soon to escalate to 5 with basketball starting this week).  I’ll admit,  I was tempted to stop for fast food more than once.   But I didn’t.

Our little project, has lovingly taken on the nickname of,”fiscal” by the kids.   I can feel a whole new kind of grateful developing.

We’ll finish up, appropriately, on Fat Tuesday.   I jokingly suggested we continue through Lent.  My family did not see the humor.

Five weeks to go!


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