Fiscal Cleanse – Week 2-3 update – Seeing things in a new light

Peter the Woof

Peter the Woof

Highs and lows.  We are now officially half way though our fiscal experiment with three full weeks under our belt.  Some days I wonder why we are doing this and am ready to throw in the towel, and some days it seems like we could do this forever.

Both the pantry and freezer still have plenty to offer.  Kevin articulated what I was thinking, “Maybe when this is over, we’ll carry over some of what we’re learning”.    We’ve gone from, “What are you hungry for?”, and running to the market, to looking to see what we already have and coming up with some amazing way to utilize it.

January is typically the month when I am hitting all of the after-Christmas sales, filling up on more things.  That we don’t need.   Time has been found by not spending it in the stores or on-line.  More time for the stuff that’s truly important.  Very strategic of me, If I do say so myself.

In that same vein though, when I hear about a great sale I’m missing, I wrestle with my mind trying to justify dumping this whole plan,  “Think of how much money you’re losing in the long run by not taking advantage of this sale!”, I tell myself.   It’s taking some re-conditioning.

Grocery bill for my family of four (perishables only allowed):

Week 2:  $45

Week 3: $22 (is this getting easier?)


-1 liter’ish of generic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil): $9.24   Don’t want to use the good stuff to fry up the chickpeas.  I know, I know.

-Root Beer at Harvest Valley Farm $2.50:  We stopped after church to get eggs.  My youngest son was quick to volunteer to go in with my husband, while my daughter and I waited in the car.   I commented to my daughter, “Bet he thinks if he goes in, he’ll get a root beer.  He must have forgotten about “fiscal”. ”   A couple of minutes later, he comes out with a sly grin, and 2 bottles of pop, one for himself and one for his sister.    They’ve done great so far, guess they deserved this treat.

-Panko crumbs: $2.70

-Pop Tarts for Nate: $7.17

-Dunkin’Donuts: $7.08 (we don’t have one here, once again, the husband was traveling and brought some home)

-Parchment paper: $2.09

-Garbanzo bean flour: $2.69

-Bottle of wine:  .06 (my husband used a reward gift card, and this was the balance)

Now for the big exception:

Dinner out for 7: $152.   I struggled with this one, but in the end, no doubt, it was important and money well spent.   This week marks 10 years since my mother passed away.  My oldest son requested the family all get together at the restaurant we went to 10 years ago, and remember her.

I’m getting a little worried this may be building up to a big spend at the end.  More to come on that in the next week or two.  In the meantime…

Three weeks to go.


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